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Do some of your students really struggle with maths?

Do some of them struggle because they have Dyscalculia?


Dyscalculia is a condition that affects the ability to acquire arithmetical skills. Dyscalculic learners may have difficulty understanding simple number concepts, lack an intuitive grasp of numbers, and have problems learning number facts and procedures. Even if they produce a correct answer or use a correct method, they may do so mechanically and without confidence.

Intervention and Remediation with Dynamo Maths

DynamoMaths is a successful, new intervention and remediation programme to support children with a range of learning challenges such as working memory impairments, information processing, auditory and visual processing difficulties. It supports children with specific learning difficulties and children with general learning difficulties. A tried and tested approach that:
  • Generates positive feelings about maths
  • Tackles early maths skills such as number patter recognition, shape and space, bonds of 10, number facts, place value, telling the time, money, fractions pictogram etc
  • Engages children through multisensory, child friendly software, to touch, feel, model, talk and reason their mathematical learning
  • Improves learners’ self esteem by giving children real life exposure to mathematics as part of everyday life.
  • Provides powerful mental images, memory hooks and concrete experiences to learn and reinforce mathematical concepts
  • Helps the child visualise problems by taking the task from the concrete, through the representational to the symbolic and abstract levels of thinking, using visualisation, repetition and practice.
  • Actively involves and engages the learner and improves retention
  • Systematically meets the curriculum milestones and boosts confidence.
  • Uses the working memory systems to develop independent learning.
  • Tracks progress and performance of each child and is supported by evidence to the Australian curriculum:
  • Builds a progressive picture of skills, clearly showing progress and potential.
  • Instantly marks, scores and reports answers to questions.
Dynamo Maths supports the thinking process of children struggling with maths and has drawn extensively from research on how the brain learns maths. The Programme has identified 22 Dyscalculia difficulties and Areas of Needs. It addresses the needs of all children who struggle with maths, irrespective of the nature of the learning difficulty. If a child is struggling with early maths, whether arising from dyslexia, autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, or dyspraxia, this comprehensive programme is an excellent foundation tool for acquiring number sense and numeracy proficiency.

How does the programme work?

Dynamo Maths has been developed through research in dyscalculia and understanding how the brain learns maths. The programme creates a solid foundation for developing a number sense and numeracy proficiency. It uses multiple pathways and learning styles so that children are working to their strengths in acquiring early vital mathematical skills. This Three Stage Programme starts with concrete activities (Stage1), which works through specific maths activities where children understand and make connection with mathematical skills. They develop metacognitive strategies to solve mathematical questions based on specific maths skills associated with Areas of Needs. The remediation is then followed by an online stage (Stage 2) that uses models and images supported by audio and visual stimuli to reinforce the skills learnt in the first stage. This cumulative approach ends with further remediation through worksheets (Stage 3) that give children an opportunity to reflect and record their workings. The teacher is fully informed of progress by the automated monitoring system which is also mapped to the curriculum. The remediation and reinforcement is provided in a positive and enjoyable manner. Primary schools are using dynamo Maths as a one on one resource, targeting specific areas of learning. Special schools are also using this programme widely with children who have both specific learning difficulties and general learning difficulties. The Programme is also available to parents who wish to provide home support and added practice using a wide range of learning styles. Dynamo Maths gives children a strong foundation for the development of Number Sense.
Teacher’s comment: “Dynamo maths is a comprehensive suite of online resources that effectively address the difficulties faced by many children. The individual strands can be tailored to the needs of each student, allowing practise with feedback and rewards, making it a popular activity for children with special needs. Children always enjoy using Dynamo maths.” M.Grant, Teacher, The Old School
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