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Dynamo Maths – Designed specifically for low maths achievers and those with Dyscalculia

Dynamo Maths is a brilliant on-line intervention and remediation programme for dyscalculics and low maths achievers. Developed through research on how the brain learns maths and around areas of needs, Dynamo Maths supports specific learning difficulties with maths, working memory and dyscalculia symptoms. Aimed at children between ages 4 – 11 or children who are struggling with maths, Dynamo Maths is used successfully by schools, special needs coordinators, dyscalculia practitioners and parents at home. Dynamo is a three stage programme for helping overcome dyscalculia.
Stage 1: Multi-Sensory Games with Downloadable Resources
Multi-sensory teaching methods have an important place in learning as it harnesses various learning styles. The multi-sensory activities within the Three Stage Programme have been designed to introduce mathematical concepts that are supported by easily downloadable resources.
Stage 2:On Screen Practice using Visual Models and Images
Children who are struggling and anxious with maths need to develop fluency and automaticity. Dynamo Maths On-line engages the learner to develop automaticity and intuitive response using visual models, images, memory hooks that are supported by audio and visual stimuli.
Stage 3: Reinforcement and Testing Understanding
Research and practice indicates that children who are dyscalculic or low achievers need to over learn and this programme is supported by on-line worksheets that can be printed and used off line. This also allows children who may not have access to on-line facility at home to continue to access the curriculum. The Paper based activities allow the child to think through and reflect on their learning. It provides primary evidence for the teacher to identify the gaps in the child’s learning and thinking process.

Click this link now to learn all about Dynamo Maths

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