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About us

“Every child has the right to learn.

Every child has the ability to learn,

we just have to find the right key.”

MULTISENSE TECHNOLOGY is committed to helping children and adults improve their literacy and numeracy skills.


  • Specialised software and peripherals for educators and parents of children with learning difficulties;
  • Professional development for teachers and tutors on strategies for identifying, assessing and remedial teaching of students with learning difficulties;
  • Professional development workshops in the use and application of specific software programs;
  • Seminars and workshops for parents, teachers and related professional groups;
  • Expert advice on specialised computer software for developing reading, spelling and maths skills;

83 Cornwall Street, Dianella WA 6059; Phone: (08) 9375 8810; Email: A.B.N. 13 940 383 861

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