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ChooseIt Ready-Mades – Literacy Series

Activity sets containing lots of readymade activities for your learners!

All fully accessible and can be played independently or edited using ChooseIt! Maker 2.
Each activity has a structured, graded sequence of 20 to 40 multiple-choice questions, using a positive reinforcement strategy. Full speech support and switch access options provide access to learning by almost all students. Ideal for early learners, lower primary, and those with special needs.

CDs can be bought separately or as a set:

Initial Sounds

The sounds of the 26 letters. One activity for each letter, with five extra activities for each of the long vowel sounds. A choice of round-up activities includes VC and CVC blending.

Initial Letters

Matching and recognition of written letters, a-z. One activity for each letter as well as a selection of round-up activities.

Initial Blends

Sounds – 26 most common initial consonant blends. One activity for each of ch, sh, th, qu and tr. A further 13 activities introduce more blends in pairs.

Initial Blends

Letters – Matching and recognition of blends both individually and in pairs with several motivating round-up activities.

Listening Skills

Practise matching and identifying environmental sounds, vocal utterances, musical instruments, music styles, nursery rhymes, simple instructions, sequencing sounds, counting syllables, rhyming and alliteration.

Literacy Alphabet

Over 40 activities focusing on the names of the 26 letters and on dictionary skills. Includes distinguishing letters from other symbols to sorting whole words alphabetically. Also letter reversals, matching upper and lowercase and the British Sign Language alphabet.


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