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ChooseIt Ready-Mades – Numeracy Series

20+ maths activities with a graded sequence of 20 to 40 simply presented multiple-choice questions.

As for the Literacy Series activities can be created or modified using ChooseIt Maker 2. with example files, free resources, clipart style pictures plus you can import a wide range of image and sound files. Can be bought singly or as a set.

Foundation Shape, Space & Measure – 5 activities: colour, 2D and 3D shape, positional words, opposites, sequencing shapes and time awareness.

Key Stage 1 Shape, Space & Measure – Over 21 activities: matching and recognition of geometric 2D and 3D shapes, sequencing shapes, counting sides, nets, weight, length, capacity, and planes and symmetry.

Number 0 to 5 – Over 21 graded activities:comparison of quantity, counting sets of objects, rote counting, numeral recognition and matching sets to numerals.

Number 5 to 10 – Over 23 graded activities: odd one out sets, counting sets, rote counting, numeral recognition, more than, less than and simple addition up to 10.

Number 0 to 100 – Over 23 activities based around the 100 square: more than, less
than, counting in 2s, 5s, 10s etc., number bonds in 10s and doubling.

Money – Over 25 activities: about cash, from coin recognition to working out
change. Includes “What can you afford?” activities. Coin images are enhanced
photographs, giving greater realism. Can import Australian money images.

Time – 24 activities, from times on-the-hour up to counting on and back in units of 5
minutes, etc. Many activities give you a choice of analogue or digital clocks. Includes an
activity on weeks, months and seasons.

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