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Early Vision Learning About Interactive CD ROMs

Make your role-play area an
exciting and learning rich environment, where your children play with confidence and

This series of interactive CDs and DVDs are designed to support
children’s learning through fun, educational tasks with clear learning outcomes by
‘bringing the real world into their setting’. They show children what people do in real
situations, so that children then feel inspired in their role-play.
These resources are ideal for Early Years and Primary and are currently being used to
support role-play in thousands of nurseries and schools all over the country and abroad.
They are also ideal for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder as they can help
introduce unknown situations and remove the fear of the unexpected, by showing what
might happen in a variety of situations, from practical ones like the doctors or
hairdressers, to fun places to go like the bowling alley.
The ranges available are:
· Off to the……. DVD + CD Play Packs. A series of 22 Play packs including
CD and DVD designed to inspire role-play and cross curricular learning
these packs include a DVD ‘Video Visit’ to a real world location, such as a
Garage or Garden Centre, allowing children to see and hear the jobs that
people do. The packs also include a Digital CD Handbook packed with
80+ printable pages packed with downloadable pictures, posters, signs
and teachers notes. Some other titles are: The Airport, Chinese Take-Away, The
Dentist, The Doctors, FunFair, Greengrocers, The Pet Shop and more.
· Learning About…. A series of 8 CD ROMS designed to teach young
children about different jobs people do by using real world images in fun
educational tasks. Some of the tasks can be counting tablets at “The
Doctors“ or matching the halves and quarters of sandwiches at “The
Café & Chinese Take-Away”, counting cars going through the car wash
and matching numerals on the petrol pumps at “The Garage”. Some
other titles include: Growing Things, Pets, Ourselves, Airport & Train Station.
· Boxed Sets…….. A series of 5 packs. A number of the above titles have
been boxed into sets to give children . Each set is packed with different,
language rich scenarios, children will love such as the “All About Me” set
where becoming a dentist, doctor or even a hairdresser will inspire
children’s imaginative play. Some other titles include: Eating Places,
Outdoor Role-Play, Top Ten Play, Home Corner Play.

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