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Compact +

The latest in hand held electronic magnifiers.

The Compact+ has been designed to provide the best features to be found in any device of its type. Features include a reading and writing mode for signing documents, alternative colour settings for reduced glare and the clearest display on the market – making the Compact+ a top-of-the-range hand-held magnifier.

Features of the Compact+ …

  • 5X to 10X magnification
  • Full colour mode
  • Positive and negative black/white modes
  • Weight: only 300 grams
  • ‘lights off’ mode for looking at ATMs
  • 3 hours battery life
  • Writing position
  • Freeze image mode
  • 2 additional foreground and background colour combinations
    4.3″ (11 cm) high resolution TFT screen (full VGA resolution)
  • Bag and neck carrying cord included.

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