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The Listening Program

Improves Listening, Learning and Communication Abilities

The Listening Program (TLP) is Music Based Sound Stimulation therapy that gently trains the brain to improve the auditory skills needed to effectively listen, learn and communicate. Based on the Tomatis method, the program uses high quality audio CD’s that integrate psycho-acoustically modified classical music with innovative sound processing techniques to exercise the brain and auditory pathways. It’s like an aerobic workout for your brain. Anyone can benefit from improved listening function, auditory processing and communication skills including the typically developing child and individuals experiencing difficulties in the following areas: ¨ Speech and Language ¨ ADD/ADHD ¨ Reading and Spelling ¨ Auditory processing ¨ Dyslexia ¨ Attention, concentration & memory ¨ Communication and Social Skills ¨ Autism/Aspergers The_Listening Program is especially effective for improving auditory processing difficulties . With just 2 fifteen minute sessions per day, parents and teachers may see improvement in motivation, attention span and concentration, language, ability to focus and self help skills.

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