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Dynamo Maths

Excellent, Proven and Trusted Maths Resource. Helping overcome dyscalculia and supporting low maths achievers.

Dynamo Maths is a brilliant, three-stage, on-line intervention and remediation programme for dyscalculics and low maths achievers. Developed through research on how the brain learns maths and around areas of needs, Dynamo Maths supports specific learning difficulties with 

maths, working memory and dyscalculia symptoms. Aimed at children between ages 4 – 11 or children who are struggling with maths,Dynamo Maths is used successfully by schools, special needs coordinators, dyscalculia practitioners and parents at home.

Developed in conjunction with specialists in dyscalculia.

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Dynamo Maths is a three-stage online programme to help with dyscalculia.
    Stage 1 – Multi-Sensory Games with Downloadable Resources Over 230 maths games, activities and printable resources written by dyscalculia experts. Learning maths concepts through touch, feel and play. These games and activities develop mental strategies and confidence with maths.
    Stage 2 – Interactive Reinforcement through On Screen Practice using Visual Models and Images. Over 230 activities that activate many sensory channels and build confidence. Audio and visual stimuli to harness a variety of learning styles. Unlimited questions in small cumulative steps. Personalise and set on – line homework.
    Stage 3 – Dynamic Worksheets for Reinforcement and Testing Understanding. Unlimited dynamic printable worksheets with new questions each time. Enables the child to record their work on paper, think through and reflect on their learning.


    Measurement: Progress report – monitors and tracks learning and achievement. Score report – inform strengths and areas of need for each child. Intervention report – provides a before and after measure. Student Homework report.


    Achievement certificates. Audio feedback and encouragement. Mapping to Dyscalculia Difficulties.

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    Links to case studies: Link

    Some signs of dyscalculia: Link

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