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Gaming your way to maths mastery!

Kids regard this as a “GameBoy,” but it is a little hand-held computer for practising basic math skills: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It has a large clear display, is easy to understand and operate and requires minimal supervision . FlashMaster has 6 “learning activities” or modes, with 9 levels for each arithmetic operation. These can be customized to suit the student’s level and ability. The FlashMaster’s “SEE RESULTS” key enables parents or teachers to quickly review in detail, work performed by the student.

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MathMania 2 & 3: Engaging mazes and thought-provoking puzzles encourage numeracy revision. Pupils practise and develop their Maths skills via four levels of difficulty. They navigate mazes, answering revision questions on Numbers, Angles, Time, Measurement, Shape & Space and problem-solving. The aim is to win points and get past maze obstacles. Play alone or competitively.

MathMania 2 – ages 7-11

MathMania 3 – ages 11-14


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