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Numbershark 5

Highly recommended numeracy teaching games (5 – adult)

An excellent maths program providing skills in basic numeracy, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers.

With over 50 attractive and varied games, NumberShark addresses many difficulties that students have with basic maths including short-term memory, attention span, sequencing skills and number sense.

Its bright colours, animations and choice of games will motivate and provide students with a structured but enjoyable learning experience. Many of the games provide a visual idea of what is happening when you add, subtract, multiply or divide, which is a great help for those with dyslexia and dyscalculia. Numbers are shown as objects, digits, rods, or on an abacus, a number line, a number pad, a 100 square – to help basic understanding. Fractions and decimals are also shown visually.

Topics include fractions, decimals, percentages and worded problems. The topic selection and administration tools make it easier for teachers to set up courses and review progress of their students. Teachers are able to:

  • Set specific numeracy work for individual students or groups
  • Monitor and report on student progress and performance
  • Print out hard copy worksheets for most topics, in different formats and layouts.
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NumberShark is available as:

  • A stand-alone DVD version
    The stand-alone version requires the NumberShark DVD to be in the local DVD drive while the program is running. Student records are stored on the local hard drive, which means that students should always use the program on the same computer.
  • USB Version
    The USB product offers a versatile single user licence which allows the program to be accessed on any computer with an open USB port.
    There is no need to install the program onto the computer. By simply plugging the USB into the port, users can access NumberShark wherever they need to.
    The unique advantage of the USB is that all user data is stored back on the USB itself. Student records created are saved on the USB allowing full mobility between different computers.
    The USB option is ideal for situations where students or teachers require the flexibility to use the program on different computers and/or at different locations such as home, school or study centres.
  • A Network version for schools
    The network version allows students to log on to any connected PC and access their own user data, lists and records. It also simplifies teacher administration.
    Unlike the “stand-alone” version, there is no need for the DVD to be in the local DVD drive, which enables the program to be used with networked computers that do not have a DVD drive or where access to drives is ‘locked down’ for restricted users.
    The number of user network site licences required is determined by the maximum number of concurrent users of the program across the network within the school boundaries.


Price: $242.83  

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