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Nessy Fingers

The most fun you’ll ever have learning to type safely, accurately and quickly.

NESSY A highly structured, multi-sensory, learning system to improve literacy skills, build self-esteem and improve reading, spelling, writing, keyboarding and study skills.

Improves spelling and keyboard skills. In 5 short easy to follow lessons, key positions are taught in the sequence of the alphabet for rapid learning . Nine levels of difficulty, in a multi-sensory environment, makes practice great fun. Explore the land of Ness, battle dragons, skeletons, ghosts and score goals against Burt the boss gorilla. Win bigger and better trophies, medals and awards in the Hall of Fame.


  • Motivational
  • Improves spelling & punctuation
  • Improves speed
  • Boosts confidence and independence

(ages 8-14)


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