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Nessy Tales

A fun new way to improve children’s reading, vocabulary and listening skills.

NESSY A highly structured, multi-sensory, learning system to improve literacy skills, build self-esteem and improve reading, spelling, writing, keyboarding and study skills.

Listen to the story or read independently and watch the words come alive with animation. A series of five animated reading books on 1 CD to motivate reluctant readers and build their confidence. Helps develop important early reading skills, word recognition,  vocabulary, comprehension and listening skills.

The learning structure advances from C-V-C words (e.g. t-a-p), to C-C-V-C (e.g. t-r-a-p), building to C-C-V-C-C (e.g. t-r-a-m-p) in book 5.

  • Also available as printed books.
  • Suitable for older children with limited reading ability.
  • Great on an Interactive Whiteboard!

(5 to 12 years)


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