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ReadingDoctor® ReadingSounds 1 Pro

A unique, highly effective system for teaching children to associate letters and letter patterns with the sounds they make. It also teaches, blending, segmentation, sight word recognition, and other key literacy skills, including phonological awareness and auditory processing skills.

ReadingDoctor® ReadingSounds 1 ProThis software is designed to teach letter-sound patterns and decoding skills using a highly innovative, multisensory teaching system to strengthen crucial phonics and sight word recognition skills. Students learn lettersound knowledge, phonemic and phonological awareness blending, segmentation, sight word recognition, auditory discrimination, visual discrimination, word knowledge, articulatory awareness and other key literacy skills. The program automatically adjusts multisensory learning support for each student. By identifying each student’s skill strengths and weaknesses, it spends less time on established skills and more time and support on areas of weakness, leading to fast, effective learning.

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