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The Word Whizzer – Be a Whizz with Words!

Improves a child’s ability to understand, use and remember words so they can succeed with speaking, reading and writing!

Vocabulary is vital for speaking, reading, writing, thinking….. skills central to academic success.
The Word Whizzer uses an approach supported by current research that ensures words are stored effectively enabling students to strengthen their oral language as a basis for successful literacy skills. In addition, this approach develops the skills vital for successful reading and spelling, reading comprehension and writing skills.

The Word Whizzer is available as:

  • A fun, motivating Board Game, or,
  • A Computer Programme; perfect for use on an interactive whiteboard or Smartboard.

The Word Whizzer versions come with many photocopyable/printable resources, ready to go ideas for games, review of recent research and much, much more! They are suitable for individual, small group or whole class work. Both versions also come in two levels:

  • Lvl 1: 4/5 yrs
  • Lvl 2: 6+yrs

Also suitable for students with Learning Difficulties.

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