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Clicker 6

clicker 6

clicker 6


Clicker is a powerful yet easy-to-use writing support and multimedia tool that enables children to write with whole words, phrases or pictures

clicker 6

What is Clicker?

Clicker is an onscreen keyboard with speech. Each key (or cell) can hold a letter, word, phrase or picture. When you click on a cell in a Clicker grid, the text and graphic in the cell is sent into the built-in word processor – Clicker Writer. Cells can also speak their text using the built-in software speech, and you can record your own voice directly into a cell!

Do you work with early readers and writers? Do you want to extend your older writers? Do you need to support your struggling writers? Then Clicker is for you.

clicker 6

Children can write with whole words, phrases or pictures by clicking on cells in a ‘grid’. Grids can be linked so that students can move through them in a sequence, offering scaffolding through written tasks, and access to an unlimited number of words or pictures. Reluctant or struggling writers really achieve success as they write in a way that they have never done before.

Words in the grid can be spoken with a right-click, enabling the student to hear a word before writing it. Sentences in the word processor are read aloud automatically as they are completed with a full stop. The child’s writing can be printed out or saved in HTML format, so that school children can publish their work on the school website.

Clicker is also a powerful tool for creating multimedia presentations which can be enhanced with digital photographs, sound and video. For example, children can make simple talking books, produce a multimedia guide to the school or create collaborative onscreen presentations.

Whether you are working in mainstream education or a special needs setting, Clicker is the perfect tool for helping all your students achieve reading and writing success. Clicker enables children to learn and progress within an easy-to-navigate, motivating environment tailored to their individual needs.

Clicker 6 builds on the acclaimed support features of its predecessor. It combines customizable student support tools that empower children to work independently, with intuitive activity wizards that make it easier than ever before for teachers to create and edit Clicker activities.

What’s new in Clicker 6?

Clicker 6 takes all the best features of Clicker 5 and adds some fantastic new functionality!

More student independence!

  • Quick start word processor
    Children are able to start working straight away!
  • Primary word predictor
    This intelligent predictor suggests words that fit the context of the student’s writing.
  • Enhanced picture library
    Over 2500 curriculum pictures, which are available for use in documents, Clicker Sets, the predictor and the spellchecker!
  • Built-in painting tools
    Crick’s popular painting program, Clicker Paint, is now fully integrated into Clicker.
  • Webcam support
    Students’ photographs instantly appear in their Clicker documents.
  • Favourites list
    Children save their favourite Clicker activities for easy future access.
  • Click and Edit books
    Enable students to independently create their own talking books and presentations! Less teacher time!
  • Clicker wizards
    Follow the step-by-step instructions to quickly create personalized reading, writing, matching, labeling, speaking and listening activities.
  • New editing tools
    Editing activities made simple! Click on a cell and the toolbar instantly changes to display only the tools relevant to the item being edited.
  • Faster access to LearningGrids
    No need to login, access hundreds of free resources instantly from within Clicker!

clicker 6

Clicker Benefits

  • Boost writing independence with Clicker’s word processor
  • Review writing with Clicker’s clear voice
  • Develop vocabulary and spelling with word prediction
  • Build reading and writing confidence with Clicker Sets
  • Create your own personalised activities quickly and easily with Quick Grid Wizards and Quick Page Wizards
  • Encourage students to work creatively
  • Motivate and support learners with built-in picture library
  • Support learners with special needs such as Dyslexia, Learning Difficulties, Speech or Language Impairments, Physical Disabilities and Low vision
  • Develops English language learners’ literacy skills
No. of Users Package Contents Operating System Price ex. GST
Price incl GST
Single Clicker 6 CDROM, ANZ resources CDROM, Single user licence, User Manual Windows and Macintosh $399 $438.90
5 – Allows for up to 5 computers on a single site. Clicker 6 5 User CDROM, ANZ resources CDROM, User manual Windows and Macintosh $899 $988.90
10 – Allows for up to 10 computers on a single site. Clicker 6 10 User CDROM, ANZ resources CDROM, User manual Windows and Macintosh $1,329 $1,461.90
30 – Allows for up to 30 computers on a single site. Clicker 6 30 User CDROM, ANZ resources CDROM, User manual Windows and Macintosh $2,599 $2,858.90
Unlimited One School Site Licence-The software may be installed and used on a network, provided that all the computers are on one school site. Clicker 6 CDROM, ANZ resources CDROM, Paper Site Licence, User manual Windows and Macintosh $4,399 $4,838.90

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