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Dolphin Range of Programs

The perfect solution for people who have Dyslexia or difficulty reading, writing and spelling (WIN)

Dolphin Easy Tutor – write, read, view and check text with Dolphin Tutor.
Using this easy to use toolbar with your Microsoft programs, words can be highlighted and read aloud. The toolbar also has writing tools including word prediction, homophone dictionary & spellchecker.

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Dolphin Easy Reader – A simple toolbar attached to a word-processing program, allows students to verbalise text with clear sounding Real speak voices. Text is highlighted as its read aloud. Alter the colours, fonts, text size and layout of the book to suit you. Enjoy digital talking books eg. DAISY Readers & ebooks. etc.

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Dolphin Easy Producer – at the click of a button, convert printed and electronic documents to audio files that can be played back on audio CDs, MP3s, Ipods etc. With its simple toolbar, convert an average textbook chapter in 90 seconds, then click to write files to CD to listen on the move.

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Dolphin Publisher – The premier tool for quickly creating DAISY digital talking books from html, text, rtf and doc files . Edit materials for a web page, insert footnotes, pop-up pictures, add images with fully synchronised text and audio, choice of speech styles available or record your own.

Dolphin Easy Converter – quickly creates Large Print, MP3, DAISY and Braille versions of learning materials that can either be scanned from paper, or input from Word, PDF, html or text files.

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