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Create multimedia projects, interactive books, talking stories, presentations,slide shows, websites and more!

Created by ex-teachers and IT professionals, 2Simple software is simple, powerful and creative. Winners of many BETT and ERA awards, 2Simple has a wide range of programs to suit all ages and abilities Perfectly suited for interactive whiteboards. All 2Simple programs are available on a free 30 day approval. Contact Multisense Technology for a demonstration, a 30 day trial or a detailed catalogue.

See your projects on the web or play to any audience by saving as Flash, an international standard format!

Some features:

  • Combine text, images, sounds & buttons;
  • add actions to any object;
  • link pages with colourful, clear hyperlinks;
  • drag and drop pictures, videos & animations into any project;
  • view individual pages and whole project layout to plan and edit easily;
  • videos and support files are included in a cross-curricular learning resource.


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