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The MultiView

Imagine the possibility of using a flexible, powerful and transportable low vision solution.

A practical desktop video magnifier, features a 3-in-1 flexible camera, movable reading table and a large widescreen display. Designed for use on a table, desk or worktop, it can be moved from room to room using the integrated handle. When packed into the optional carrycase, the MultiView can also be transported to schools, workplaces, holiday  destinations or to homes of friends and relatives.

A user-friendly control panel featuring large, high-contrast buttons makes the MultiView so simple to use. Place a newspaper, magazine, or book on the ultra-slim movable reading table beneath the built-in camera, adjust the magnification control and then read at a more comfortable size from the large 19-inch TFT widescreen.

The flexible and stable 3-in-1 camera is mounted on a short arm above the monitor providing generous space beneath for focusing on a wide range of activities including reading, writing, crafts, modelling, needlework, embroidery, home electrics, painting and drawing. Alternatively, tilt and rotate the camera for self-viewing or for focusing around the room.

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