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Read fast and efficiently for hours.

Zoom-Ex connects to your laptop or desktop PC and captures the entire letter-sized page and saves it in digital format. You then can gradually increase the magnification up to 40X and navigate the saved page using a mouse, a keyboard, or a control pad. No need for an X-Y table, no head movements, no headaches.

With a single click you can separate the pictures from the text and reformat the latter for easy reading. Zoom-Ex will automatically add line breaks into the text to make the enlarged lines fit the width of the screen. Just scroll up and down to read the whole page. You can also select any combination of the foreground and background colours. Zoom-Ex enables you to go beyond just effective reading.

It revolutionises the way in which you work with printed matter. You can print the entire magnified text on as many pages as needed. Zoom-Ex wraps the text, lines will never run off the page. Read the printed pages one after another as you would read a book with large fonts. You can save the entire page for future reading, send it through e-mail to your friends, import pages saved by others back to Zoom-Ex.

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