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Reading Doctor Software and Apps

Reading Doctor® computer software and tablet apps are designed to teach students to read and spell, using synthetic phonics – shown by scientific research to be the most effective way of teaching kids to read.

The unique, patent pending Reading Doctor® teaching platform was developed by Dr Bartek Rajkowski, a speech-language pathologist, as part of his PhD research into the underlying cause of developmental reading difficulties.

Reading Doctor® Computer Software

Reading Sounds 1 Reading Sounds 1™ is designed to teach letter-sound patterns and decoding skills, using a highly innovative, multisensory teaching system to strengthen crucial phonics and sight word recognition skills.

Students learn letter-sound knowledge, phonemic and phonological awareness, blending, segmentation, sight word recognition, auditory discrimination, visual discrimination, word knowledge, articulatory awareness and other key literacy skills.

The program incorporates multisensory learning support, which automatically adjusts for each student. By identifying each student’s skill strengths and weaknesses, it spends less time on established skills and more time and support on areas of weakness, leading to fast, effective learning.

Reading Doctor® Apps

Parents, teachers, literacy specialists, and anyone else interested in teaching children how to read and write can use Reading Doctor® apps to strengthen skills that reading scientists have identified as crucial for literacy learning.

These skills include phonemic awareness, letter-sound knowledge, blending, segmentation, decoding and sight word recognition.

Reading Doctor® apps include pre-sets for popular synthetic phonics programs such as Jolly Phonics and Multilit, and because all Reading Doctor® apps are fully customisable, you can create your own activities to match your teaching sequence, regardless of which phonics program you use!

While all Reading Doctor™ apps are designed to be able to be used independently, they are also a perfect complement to ReadingDoctor™’s flagship program, Reading Sounds™ 1 Pro.

Reading Doctor™ apps can be purchased as a bundle

or as individual modules as listed below:

Letter Sounds™ 1 Pro

Letter Sounds 1

Letter Sounds™ 1 Pro is a fun, effective and scientifically based teaching tool which makes it easy to teach children the links between the letters of the alphabet and the speech sounds they typically represent in written English.

Blending Sounds™ 1 Pro

Blending Sounds 1 Blending Sounds™ 1 Pro is a fun, effective and scientifically based teaching tool which helps beginning and struggling readers to use letter-sound knowledge to read words by blending (joining) speech sounds together.

Spelling Sounds™ 1 Pro

Spelling Sounds 1

Spelling Sounds™ 1 Pro helps beginning and struggling readers to learn to spell. It is a fun, effective and scientifically based teaching tool that helps you to teach students to segment (break up) words into speech sounds and then spell them using letter-sound knowledge.

Letter Sounds™ 2 Pro

Once students have learnt the speech sounds that single letters typically represent, as taught in Letter Sounds™ 1 Pro, they then need to learn the speech sounds typically represented by patterns of letters (such as ‘igh’ like in ‘light’ and ‘sh’ like in ‘ship’).

Letter Sounds™ 2 Pro includes 70 of the most common letters-sound patterns and suffixes. The app is fully customisable and a perfect complement to any phonics program.

Sight Words 1 Pro

Sight Words 1 Sight Words 1 Pro helps you to teach students who are learning to read and spell, to automatically recognise and understand the 200 most common words in English.

Sight Words 1 Pro is unique among the many sight words apps in the App Store because it comes with mnemonic support, customizable levels of difficulty and sentences that show how the words are used.

Word Builder™

Word Builder 1

Word Builder™ is the ultimate phonics teaching tool! It is a fun and intuitive way for students to learn how to use letter-sound patterns to crack the code in the English language. It is designed to be used in parallel with any synthetic phonics program (such as Jolly Phonics or MULTILIT.

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