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Learning Difficulties Software Training

WordShark 4 – The premier reading and spelling program ( 2 hours).

WordShark 4 is the British Dyslexia Association’s program of choice for helping students who have reading and spelling difficulties. It combines the excitement of computer games with the serious task of learning to read and spell. The games and the selection of pre-recorded wordlists are a structured, phonetic approach to teaching the spelling patterns and grammar of English that has been widely adopted for teaching children with dyslexia. This workshop takes participants through the many features of the program from both a teaching and student management perspective. They will learn how to edit and create their own word lists, program individual or class lesson plans, create offline activities and record and monitor students’ progress.

WYNN (What You Need Now) (Workshop Length: Half Day)

WYNN uses four, colour-coded rotating toolbars with a simple point and click interface to help make reading, writing, studying and comprehending more efficient and effective. The tools built into the toolbar are expressly designed to offer many areas of support to students with literacy or learning difficulties. They help to improve reading, writing and organisational skills by offering features such as speech feedback (complete with clear Australian accents), phonetic spell checking, word prediction, homophone support, along with the option to scan in printed documents, books or worksheets and have them read aloud to students who have trouble reading. This workshop steps participants through the many literacy support features built into WYNN. Assistance can easily be called upon as the student works. Discover how to use all of these support tools at this workshop!

Clicker 5 – A literacy support tool for ALL primary students! (Workshop Length: Half Day or Full Day)

Clicker 5 is a supportive writing and multimedia tool that comes with its own child-friendly talking word processor allowing children to write with pictures and words. Ready-made Clicker grids give children instant access to words, pictures and sounds. Create your own grids in seconds or download grids from the Clicker Website. It encourages reluctant and struggling writers, and improves self-esteem and independence.This workshop covers the many features of Clicker which make it easier to engage students of diverse abilities in early literacy activities – helping them to build sentences, write stories, read talking books, extend their vocabulary and organise their written ideas using Clicker 5!

Earobics – Auditory development and phonics support (2 hours)

The Earobics range of programs systematically teaches the critical phonological awareness, auditory processing and phonics skills required for success in reading and spelling. There are three programs – Earobics 1 for lower primary, Earobics 2 for middle primary and Earobics Adolescents & Adults for upper primary and above. This workshop takes participants through the many features and benefits of Earobics. They will gain an understanding of the skills, learning objectives and progression of the Earobics games, learn how to individually customise the program and how to analyse and evaluate performance data.

Draft:Builder Solo- A Writing and Graphic Organiser ( 2 hours).

Draft:Builder SOLO steps writers through planning, note-taking, organizing, citing resources and preparing a rough draft—in every genre and every curriculum area. Draft:Builder uses a structured framework to break the recursive writing process down into small, manageable chunks so that learners stay on task. This workshop guides participants into preparing and editing a draft including creating an outline, writing notes and adding references using the content-rich templates. It will also take them through cutting and pasting the draft to a Word Processing Program where the final product is produced. participants will also learn how to use Teacher Central to quickly customize and create outline templates to address each writers’ individual learning needs.

Nessy – The ultimate teaching resource for struggling students!Workshop Length: Half Day).

Nessy is a highly structured, multi-sensory, phonics-based learning system for improving reading, spelling writing and keyboarding skills. The Nessy range includes five excellent, multi-sensory, phonics-based computer programs, specifically designed to help children with learning difficulties in reading, spelling, writing, keyboarding and study skills. Nessy includes thousands of printable resources, together with many animated, interactive games that allow you to reinforce the rules and strategies for each teaching point. Each resource begins with a fun learning strategy or rule, and is supported with a host of activity sheets, board and card games that can be printed onto sticky labels and used as off-line activities. The step-by step programme begins with the earliest stages of alphabet sounds and goes up to advanced multi-syllable reading spelling and writing skills. This workshop steps participants through the many features Nessy, including: how to assess and record students progress, access and print the activity worksheets, stories and games, play the computer games and create board games offline.

General Computing Courses

Excel for Teachers (Workshop Length: One Day or 2 x Half Days)

Microsoft Excel gives administrators, teachers and students the ability to gather data, create worksheets and reports, analyze results, and make their findings available to others on the Web. Excel can also help teachers to develop interactive lessons and quizzes, manage grading and attendance records, and prepare and manage budgets. This workshop explores the features of Excel from both a teaching and student management perspective. Participants will learn how to create and add data to an Excel workbook; analyse data using formulas, data tables and pivot table reports; create charts and forms; share files and publish reports on the Web; and protect and verify files.

PowerPoint for Teachers (Workshop Length: One Day or 2 x Half Days)

PowerPoint is a wonderful tool for learning in both a student and teacher-directed situation. It can add a new dimension to learning, allowing teachers to explain abstract concepts while accommodating all learning styles. Used properly, PowerPoint can be a powerful tool for disseminating information. This workshop will not only teach participants how to use the many features of PowerPoint for creating classroom and interactive lessons, it will also provide them with design guidelines to ensure that their presentations are clear, concise and effective.

Word for Teachers (Workshop Length: One Day or 2 x Half Days)

MS Word is a versatile program with a huge range of applications that teachers can use with students and as a literacy teaching tool. This workshop will focus on the use of Word to support literacy instruction in K-12 classrooms. Participants will develop skills in Word with a focus on its instructional application in the classroom; develop strategies for using Word to support literacy instruction across the curriculum; and learn how to use Word to help students with learning difficulties.

Other courses – Access, Publisher, Project, Outlook & Visio.

Advanced courses can be provided for all the above programs.

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